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Keep Nyack's Theatre Scene Alive: Come see Manologues!

Keep Nyack's Theatre Scene Alive: Come see Manologues!

Tonight, Friday, February 10th, and Tomorrow, Saturday, the 11th, at 8:00pm;

Kevin Cannon's "Manologues" is being presented as a benefit for Elmwood's Renovation Fund. Elmwood is the oldest theatre in Nyack, having been around for almost sixty years. Right now, it's also the only theatre in Nyack.

The cost for this amazing show is only $25, and includes a wine reception at intermission with refreshments. There will also be wonderful raffle prizes- including spa treatments, wine baskets, gift certificates to local restaurants, and tickets to some of Elmwood's upcoming shows.

Don't miss this amazing evening of theatre. Call now for tickets! 353-1313, or if you're feeling lucky, tickets will also be available at the door.

More information is available on the web, at either, or
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